Hawaiian activism expressed through music and its messages

In the beginning of March I believe that ‘Aha’i ‘Olelo Ola the Hawaiian language news program that covers issues, people, and events from a uniquely Hawaiian perspective conducted one of their best stories yet. The story focused on Hawaiian activism through music and its messages and here is the actual news program  All genres of music in general play a uniquely important role in people’s lives because of the messages they have to offer. This story included a pair of various Hawaiian musicians whose music involves the pulse of the Hawaiian activism movement.

If you are not familiar with the History of Hawai’i before it was a state you should know that in the late 19th century through the early 20th century the kingdom of Hawaii was overthrown by the United States. At first, the U.S. made many strict laws such as banning the Hawaiian language and cultural practices, but now they have changed drastically, but there are still strong Hawaiian activist that are fighting for the freedom of Hawaii as if it was their own country.

The story started by introducing Jon Osorio a Hawaiian musician famous during the 1980’s for composing music that created deep messages focusing on the activism in Hawaii trying to create social change. One of Osorio’s famous songs entitles, “Hawaiian Soul” talks about the issue regarding the island of Kaho’olawe that was taken under the U.S. Navy in the fifties and how the Hawaiian community feels that it is an injustice for the Navy to just leave the island dirty and useless.

Osorio mentioned that nowadays people are saying that there is not enough meaningful music related to Hawaiian activism in the music industry, but Osorio disagrees pointing out Sudden Rush a group of Hawaiian rappers that write and perform songs promoting a conscious awareness for Hawaiian rights. According to Osorio, “The Hawaiian activism is about reclaiming the language.” Growing up with Hawaiian being my first language and being extremely immersed in the culture, I believe that a lot of local Hawaiian music consists of messages related to Hawaiian activism issues and injustices and how we as a Native Hawaiians can better these issues.

Here is a music video of a song entitled “EA” which means sovereighty and independence written and composed by Sudden Rush and is one of my favorite songs by them:

3 responses to “Hawaiian activism expressed through music and its messages

  1. i am so ready for texas to have courses on this fading away language and culture. I love the polynesian history and stories , music and the language is the most beauitful langauge there is

    • Thank you so much Leslie for the support. You should also look into the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom before it became a part of the United States, I think you would be very interested in that.

  2. Thank you for your response, I need movies with the lang. , pre school books. After watching the you tube flicks this makes me only more interrested in the culture of the Polynesian world. If you could give me some web sites to order some of these things I would be most grateful. Also if you know of any one here in the Dallas area who would be willing to help me with the culture and lang. ( that isn’t expensive) that would even help me more. I need to be around people who speak the language so maybe I can hang out with them. I know of the L and L resturant, but I am a very shy person and don’t want to come on strong, like embarrsing myself. lol . I will look on this web site to see what I can find. maybe the Bible would do me good as well . The history is awesome.

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