Hawaiian Immersion Schools Threaten to Boycott State Test

This month the Honolulu Civil Beat which is an online news service that provides a forum where citizens of Hawaii can learn, understand, debate, and discover important issues facing the state wrote an article about an ongoing issue with immersion schools.

HCB reporter Katherine Poythress wrote an article about how Hawaiian immersion schools are threatening to boycott the Hawaiian Aligned Portfolio Assessment  for various reasons.

The issue is that the HAPA test was given to 290 of both third and fourth graders in Hawaiian immersion schools and results show that the students got significantly low scores. Hawaiian immersion school teachers actually score their students own test, but after looking over the questions in the test they are boycotting the state assessment saying that the Hawaiian translation is inaccurate and unfair.

The HAPA is now being reviewed because it is said to not comply with federal standards. As of today there are about twenty Hawaiian immersions schools enrolling 1,500 K-12 students who learn traditional academic subjects through the Hawaiian language and culture, having Hawaiian be their first language, learning English in the fifth grade and throughout the rest of their education.

Having been in Hawaiian immersion schools all my life I would have to say that it was quite a challenge when I had to take the SAT and the ACT testing. But now having these types of assessments in which the tests are in both the Hawaiian and English language is great, just needs improvement.

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