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“Ola Ka ‘Olelo,” the language shall live. During the late 1800’s, the Kingdom of Hawai’i was overthrown by the United States, leading to new laws. My grandparents weren’t allowed to read, write, and speak the Hawaiian language. They were also forbidden to perform cultural practices such as Hula, which is Hawaiian dance, basically being banned from their own language and culture. It wasn’t up until the late 1900’s that Hawaiians started to gain their rights back. The purpose of this site is to share to the public that despite these past issues, the Native Hawaiian language and culture is rapidly growing in Hawai’i though Hawaiian immersion schools.

3 responses to “About Blog

  1. Billie, This is a great, unique blog with excellent utility and a sense of passion. You are clearly motivated and your blog posts are well done, if not a bit too long. Try condensing a smidge. Your blogroll is great and I love that you are including photos/images/movies with your posts. Make sure to break up your paragraphs so that your reading is more “scannable” (that means people can spot content they are looking for easier. Blog readers are big scanners. Also, consider using lists or bullet points to point out information. Overall, great job.

  2. Was researching Hawaiian dance for an essay recently. It’s great to see you promoting hawaiian culture and language as you are. Found your blog to be really educational. Theres was a piece recently that showed on Fresh TV in New Zealand you might be interested in and consisted of Barbie dolls performing hula in front of an audience as a way to create dialogue. Heres the piece – ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7Jviv9ayZ4&feature=colike. If you like it contact polly fresh on facebook for more information.

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