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“Hawaiian Immersion Graduates.” An article you must read!!

The Honolulu Magazine has recently published an article about three Hawaiian immersion graduates profiling where they are now.

I am very proud to say that my older sister, Ku’uwehi Hiraishi is part of the third Hawaiian immersion graduating class from Ke Kula o Nawahiokalani’opu’u in 2001. 


Ku’uwehi Hiraishi

She is amazing at what she does, especially making sure my twin sister and I are on track with college and the transition from Hawaiian immersion.

Please take time to read this article about how far she has come through the Hawaiian immersion program, along with two other astonishing Hawaiian immersion graduates. I’m sure their stories will inspire you, aloha!!

Link to Article:


Native American Languages being discouraged, what a shame!!

“Menominee Seventh Grader Suspended for Saying “I Love You” in her Native Language.”

Seventh grader Miranda Washinawatok, Menominee

This was a recent article published in the Native News Network, an online media outlet for Native Americans to connect.

In Shawano, Wisconsin, Miranda Washinawatok, a seventh grader who is part of the Menominee Native American Tribe was suspended for speaking her native language in class.

Miranda speaks two languages: Menominee and English and she is also on the school basketball team. Miranda was told that she was suspended from a basketball game because her coach heard from two of her teachers that her attitude has been very poor and she shouldn’t be allowed to play.

Miranda’s mother believed that her daughter was a highly respectful individual so her mother fought until she got answers from the coaches, teachers, and principal of the school.

Please visit this link below to read the rest of these unethical actions of the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Shawano, Wisconsin:

Support our other native languages as others don’t understand the true value of it, OLA KA ‘OLELO!!

Akaka Commemorates the Hawaiian Language

Daniel Akaka Commemorates the month of February as the month of the Hawaiian Language.

” I rise today in celebration of the Hawaiian language.  February is designated as the “Month of the Hawaiian Language” by the State of Hawai’i.  Speakers and students of the language use this time to foster and promote Hawaiian through festivals, spelling bees, and speech and debate competitions where the Hawaiian language is the primary medium.”

Here is the link to the article:

Please help up revitalize the Hawaiian language as we celebrate not only in this month of February, but for the rest of our lives. E ola mau ka ‘olelo Hawai’i!!


‘Aha Wahine 2012

In August 2012 the first ever wahine-only conference will take place in Hawai’i. The focus of this conference is to reconnect women to their Hawaiian culture to help them prosper.

The women’s-only conference is largely based on the success of the ʻAha Kane, a males-only health conference.

Here is the link to read and see a video of a sneak-preview of the 2012 ‘Aha Wahine:

For you wahine out there I encourage you to register for this conference and learn about your language, culture, and identity.

To register or for more information visit ʻAha Wahine. Or contact Mehanaokalā Hind at or by phone at (808)392-1861.

Hui Malama Ola Na ‘Oiwi

For you Native Hawaiians out there, have you ever needed medical or health care services but just could not find an affordable and stable organization?

Well Hui Malama Ola Na ‘Oiwi is a non-profit organization for native Hawaiians that provides a wide variety of health enhancement services to Native Hawaiians through advocacy, accessibility and education.

Services include, but are not limited to, facilitating access to health care through outreach, referrals, transportation and health screening and networking with other health care providers, State and County Agencies, Schools and Community Organizations.

Other services include health risk appraisals, medication management, blood pressure and glucose checks and health assessments; and health promotion disease prevention programs which focus on Native Hawaiian health, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, breast cancer awareness, smoking cessation, nutrition, weight management, prenatal care, and substance abuse.

Traditional healing practices such as Ho`oponopono, La`au Lapa`au and Lomilomi are available through referrals.


Hawaiian Television Survey

Aloha mai kakou,
Sorry I haven’t been blogging for awhile but I’ve attached a link to take the Hawaiian Television Survey on behalf of ‘Aha’i ‘Olelo Ola and ‘Oiwi TV.
For those of you who are not familiar with these two organizations, they are basically Hawaii’s only highly organized and sophisticated Hawaiian language media outlet that write stories about Native Hawaiians and residents of Hawaii that are making a difference in the Hawaiian language and culture.
This survey will provide feedback for Hawaiian language TV in how to improve their segments as well as supporting their shows.