“Money spent on promoting Hawaiian Language is money well spent”

“Money spent on promoting Hawaiian Language is money well spent,” is a recent article published in the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Wednesday March 23, 2011 by Wilson Manuwai Peters, a New York based Hawaiian language consultant.

Peter started off the article by stating that the Hawaiian language is starting to be used in the tourist area a lot. The example he used was when travelers arrive and depart at all state airports and how there is an audio message in the Hawaiian language played in the cabin upon arrival to Hawai’i. In one of my other blogs you can watch the in-flight video.

“If we acknowledge the critical role the Hawaiian culture plays in fueling the visitor industry, then the importance of keeping the Hawaiian language vibrant and in use by residents should be prioritized and looked upon as a meaningful investment that supports the revitalization of the native language and long-term health of Hawaii’s economy.”

– Wilson Manuwai Peters

This part from the article is my opinion in a whole; “The beauty of the Hawaiian language imbues the experience with the spirit of the people and land; no marketing dollars can rival that.” I think that using the Hawaiian language gives a positive effect to so many different aspects in Hawai’i, not just the culture. Growing up speaking the Hawaiian language and culture I would have never thought that I could benefit financially in the future.

Peters mentioned in his article that the money that is being spent on teaching and reinforcing the Hawaiian language is “money well spent.” Therefore, Hawaiian immersion schools are a great way to start off the new generation so they can be bilingual individuals to better our future economy.

“Creating a demand for Hawaiian-speaking employees in the sector will increase the number of Hawaiian-language speakers in the state,” added Peters at the end of the article. In my eyes, this is what it’s all about! As great as how the Hawaiian language is helping Hawai’i’s economy, getting the people of Hawai’i back to speaking their native tongue is what internal benefit of Hawaiian language education.

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One response to ““Money spent on promoting Hawaiian Language is money well spent”

  1. Hawaiʻi has a language and until that is fully realized only then will Hawaiians be truly recognized and they themselves as well as others begin to recognize to protect and preserve the Hawaiian Language. The announcements at the Airport that is in Hawaiian is one way to make Hawaiian language relevant and used. Having the technology to have the words in audio and visual form is the sign of advancement of our technology today. With the Hawaiian Language used in that way, the language is then made relevant…and to me that is what it is all about, making Hawaiian language and culture relevant today.

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